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Having a Yoga master who can guide and accompany you through different phases of your life is essential for safe and effective progress.


Norberval Cruz is a co-founder of InYoga and has been teaching Yoga practices since 1990. He has traveled to various parts of the world, such as India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bali, Thailand, and Cambodia, acquiring diverse experiences to perfect his skills and channel this knowledge into developing Yoga practice in a progressive, efficient, and safe manner for his students and disciples. Norberval began his studies with Master Conceição Martins, Master Carlos Cardoso, and many other great Yoga masters. In Salvador, along with his esteemed partner Dragos Calin, for whom he nurtures incredible admiration and prestige due to his invaluable knowledge and awareness, he founded and managed the InYoga headquarters for 15 years. In 2015, he inaugurated the school in São Paulo, in the Moema neighborhood.


Strangely, I see the majority of Yoga practitioners and even teachers who have been dealing with this ancient technique for a few years, without apparent results and significant changes that should already be present and flourishing in their attitudes, daily habits, and inner evolution. Those who take the practice seriously and follow the recommendations of the ancient scriptures will undoubtedly evolve, and those who have done so can easily recognize these signs in others. In my practices, you will reap the good results of a carefully prepared practice, not specifically for you, but for anyone who takes their Yoga Master's recommendations seriously. The practice of Yoga is aimed at any diligent practitioner who understands the essence of this beautiful evolutionary work. The most that can be done are some small modifications in some techniques aimed at respecting certain limitations of the practitioner. I've learned in these years of Yoga practice that most of our goals are achieved very easily when you understand how things work and channel the right amount of energy to achieve them, but without excuses, without procrastination, without blaming others. With the good daily habits of a yoga practice such as: Meditation, Body Techniques, Relaxations, Mantras, breathing exercises, and other more advanced techniques, the combination of these techniques when well taught and put to use, will generate an incalculable amount of energy that will take you to a level you've never been before. I warn you now that it won't be easy at first, like any journey, like any new activity you start and the body reacts because it's something new, but be sure that after overcoming the first waves, you will be enchanted and feel your consciousness expanding, and this is of an impressive and wonderful intensity.

I therefore propose a methodology that will profoundly shake old concepts and paradigms, causing a definitive change. When I prepare and teach a practice, I am absolutely certain that it will work because I do it the way it has always been done millennia ago.

So if you are one of those people who, when you decide to do something, does it in such a special way, practices as your Yoga Master guided and knows that you will get the expected result for having followed the recommendations, in this specific case you can become my student, my disciple. Only in this way when both parties, working in perfect symbiosis, in perfect communion and mutual understanding, is it possible to move forward.


80 € per hour of class


Ready to transform your life? Sign up now for Norber's online classes and start your path to a healthier and more balanced life.



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